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sim (selective international management) is a Swiss consulting company based in Shanghai, providing support to foreign and domestic companies, doing business in China or in partnership with Chinese enterprises. sim acts as a bridge between Chinese and overseas projects, and is supported by internal and external experts in finance, accounting, legal issues, cross-culture, logistics & infrastructure, and communication.The agency, established 2004, initiates, implements and operates start ups and joint ventures and acts as gateway between Chinese investors and Western projects -  covering industries such as luxury goods, education, food & beverage, and healthcare.

Daniel Tschudy first visited Shanghai and Beijing in 1982, while being based in Japan, and has been visiting China regularly ever since. In 2008 and 2009, he was based in Shanghai and began working with sim. He now serves on the Advisory Board and assists in developing new opportunities and businesses.

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Fabulous souvenir from back 1982:
Daniel visiting Forbidden City in Beijing