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Frankfurt, Germany; May 15/16, 2018
Evintra to launch global catalogue

Andreas Thölken, Founder and CEO of Evintra, a one-of-a-kind B2B online platform dedicated to the MICE & travel industry, presented his services and some of his members at the IMEX trade show. Daniel, serving on the Advisory Board of Evintra's certification program CGCS, joined Andy at the booth (picture below). 

Interlaken, Switzerland; January 17, 2018
International Alpen-Symposium

The Alpen-Symposium at the Grand Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau in Intelraken has become a leading Swiss conference and think-tank platform for innovative enterpreneurs. Daniel attended, as every year; enjoying to meet other global citizens, innovative thinkers and creative business people. Next edition, again in Interlaken, on January 15-16, 2019:

Basel, Switzerland; November 21/22,2017
successful Swiss Hospitality Investment Forum

The Swiss Hospitality Investment Forum (SHIF) has become a great knowledge- and contact-platform for decision-makers on selling, investing and financing in Switzerland's hospitality-real estate industry; looking forward to 3rd edition in November 2019;

Sigriswil, Switzerland; November 6, 2017
Seminar on cross-culture & diversity management

Within the postgraduate studies "NDS-HF" of Switzerland's hotel industry association 'hotelleriesuisse', Daniel Tschudy gave a full-day seminar about the topics cross-culture, cultural intelligence, diversity management and 'how to do business with China'. This education-piece is part of the annual NDS-HF program and was delivered to 25 students, from the hotel- and gastronomie-industries, on a extra-occupational study. For more details.

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Kathmandu, Nepal; October 29, 2017
Daniel giving keynote at GATE Graduation Ceremony

GATE (Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education) Kathmandu acclaimed the Graduation of 94 of its students for the Higher Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management; affiliated with and endorsed by the Swiss Hotel Association (SHA). Daniel Tschudy delivered his keynote about the “gift of education."

Cross-Cultural Business Tips; August 2017
Crossing the old Iron Curtain

I was given the opportunity to visit Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Many meetings, talks and social events with politicians, teachers, entrepreneurs and common people have shown me, how much we think within tightly-structured patterns about other countries. And how little we actually know about their story. Information, if we only want to obtain it, which can be crucial for when doing business across borders and across cultures. Read more in the attached business tip.

summer 2017
attending Expo 2017 in Astana

travelnews, Switzerland's leading on-line tourism platform, featured two stories, in German, related to Tschudy's visit to Astana, Kazakhstan:
- Die Welt trifft sich
- Kasachen für die Schweiz

Tehran, Iran; February 9, 2017
Industry Meetings in Tehran

Switzerland's and Iran's tourism authorities met during the 10. Tehran Tourism Exhibition to discuss mutual interests and possible tools and activities to promote each other's destination. Iran is an 80-million-inhabitants market (as big as Germany) and already producing good visitors numbers to Switzerland. In return, some 4000 Swiss tourists have visited Iran last year. Key contacts were Federico Sommaruga (in charge of new markets at Switzerland Tourism) and Ali Nemati, Director General of Tourism Marketing & Promotion Iran (picture on left).

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Cross-Cultural Business Tips; 8. November 2016
Zum Erinnerung: "doing business in america"

Gerade nach diesem aggressiven US-Wahltheater lohnt es,  sich wieder einmal zu überlegen, wie man mit den Amerikanern am besten umgeht, redet, geschäftet – und damit letztlich auch Erfolg haben kann. Eines ist sicher, Amerika tut sich mit ‚smooth-talkers‘ schwer; der Rugby-Stil kommt da schon eher an.



Fachbuch über neue Führungsmodelle & Führen auf Distanz

Als Teil der Publikationsreihe LEADERSHIP erschien in dieser Woche das neue Fachbuch "Moderne Führungsmodelle" (im Spannungsfeld zwischen Nähe und Distanz) des Zürcher Fachverlags SPEKTRAmedia (ISBN: 978-3-906067-10-0). Co-Autoren sind Murièle Bolay und Daniel Tschudy; auf You Tube gibt es eine kleine Einführung zu diesem neuen Fachbuch. Es kann per Email bestellt werden; Verkaufspreis CHF 23.-.


Textbook "Doing Business in the BRICS" (in german)

Tschudy's textbook for globally-active companies is now available. It features intercultural values & behaviours in the business environments of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Topics include, for example, concepts of time and space, listening habits, communication styles, as well as recommended behaviours at meetings and during business dinners. The book icosts CHF 36.00, and can be ordered directly from the author: ISBN 978-3-033-04046-5.