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Andermatt, November 16, 2021

Powered by WTFL and its president Martin Barth, the first Innovation Festival was held over three days at the stunning Swiss mountain resort of Andermatt, in Central Switzerland. Under the theme "Moving Forward", it was a successful fully-hybrid meeting, with several hundreds on-site attendants and many virtual participants. A joint operation for enterpreneurs, think-tanks, tourism schools and young talents.

Zurich, November 9, 2021

Nathalie Christen, Political editor of Swiss Television at the Swiss Parliament in Berne was interviewed at an evening organised by the Zurich Press Club (ZPV). Christen reported on the daily tasks, the network built, the time pressures, and the search for quality. Nathalie Christen (2nd from left) with Iris Meyer and Felix Aberli, secretary of ZPV.

Zurich, October 14, 2021

Just published today is the special edition on the meetings- and events-industries in Switzerland, including some news, updates, and interviews. This edition features stories on new and flexible meeting formats, on Q12, a group of smaller conference centers, on "factory food" as offered by the Trafo Convention Center Baden, as well on the industry of association management.

The next MICE-publication will appear March 3, 2022. Handelszeitung is available at major newsstand or by subscription.

Zurich, September 7/8, 2021

Over 700 professionals from the hotel-, gastro- and hospitality-industry in Switzerland joined at Hall 550 in Zurich-Oerlikon for a two-days conference. Among many panelist and keynote speakers were Prof. Dr. Thomas Jordan, President Swiss National Bank, Martin Nydegger, Director Switzerland Tourism, and Matthias Horx, Futurist. The Hospitality Summit will be held again, next year in June.

Zurich, August 26, 2021

Superb business conference at The Circle in Zurich: The SWISS INNOVATION DAYS inspired hospitality professionals to reflect on past crisis management and innovative tools and solutions for the future.#SID21

April 16, 2021
50 years ago.

On April 16, 1971, I began my career in the tourism and hospitality industries with Kuoni Travel in Zurich. Having appreciating thoughts today about those experiences along the way; with Kuoni, Switzerland Tourism, Thomas Cook/Wagonslit Japan, MCI Group, Spectrum Events and the many different institutions and enterprises I now enjoy working and consulting for.
#tourismindustry #anniversary #appreciation #inlovewithswitzerland

Blog April 1, 2021/dts

Event and Exhibition Management will find its way back! For example: the World Expo Dubai 2020 will be held from October this year until the end of March 2022.  Switzerland committed to a close collaboration with the organiser and will feature many surprising aspects of Switzerland’s culture, nature and innovation. The project selected, under the theme reflections, was designed and created by OOS, Bellprat Partner and Lorenz Eugster; and built by Expomobilia and more partners and suppliers.

Manuel Salchli (right), serving as Commissioner General for the Swiss Pavilion, welcomed me for a visit to the construction site. Manual was pleased to report that the structural work has now been terminated and that from now on, focus is given to the interior design and the content placement.

Blog February 1, 2021/dts

This is an amazing report from Switzerland. 2020 has seen more company formation than ever in history - since the Swiss Commercial Register (SHAB) first published its statistics on January 6, 1883. Despite the corona pandemic, a total of 46’842 new companies were registered; plus 5.3% compared to the record previous year 2019. Naturally, this stands against a sharp rise of bankruptcies, foremost in the service industry, catering, transport and printing. Not everybody is a winner.

Five industries account for half of the start-ups, including the consulting-, real estate- and insurance sectors. One can only agree with the Swiss Institute for Young Enterprises: they see the high number of start-ups as a positive sign for a well-functioning economy, despite substantial changes and adjustments in business and social life. And it proofs, that despite hardship and disappointments, a good fighting spirit and focused initiatives can overcome hurdles, and then create new opportunities. Let’s go.

#motivation #creativity #crisismanagement

Blog January 3, 2021/dts

Written by US-novelist Andy Weir, «The Martian» is a 2015 science fiction film, depicting an astronaut's lone struggle to survive on Mars after being left behind during an exploring mission. Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) survives dust storms, injuries, hunger, uncertainties, fears and loneliness. On his own, lost, Mark endures a true disaster, a fundamental crisis. And yet, by virtue of resilience, flexibility, creativity, assertiveness and perseverance, Mark Watney was eventually saved, returned to earth, and even became a survival instructor for astronaut candidates.

Fair enough, it’s only entertainment. Yet, those abilities that saved Watney’s life, are the very tools we need to overcome the present pandemic crisis. Management at its best – including teamwork, which in the story played a crucial role as well. So, sometimes, motivation can be obtained by simply enjoying a Hollywood-Blockbuster. We can all be Martians for now, and then overcome the crisis.

(Picture: 20th Century Fox)

Blog December 1, 2020/dts
Conference planning: RAISE THE BAR FOR 2021

Nine months into the global crisis, attendees of virtual conferences & seminars now master the use of Zoom, MS Teams, and the other platforms. The new tools were exiting for a while, but now virtual work is common. Conference panners should no longer sensationalise the fact that they offer a hybrid or virtual meeting. So what? It’s become standard, very quickly.

The new focus, level ’21, should be on serious content, with «reduce to the max» as criterion. Less stuff, fewer presentations, shorter programs, and selected speeches; all delivered with one clear focus. Besides the fact, that attendees to conferences will not agree to the same level of participants fees as before the pandemic, they will also not agree to attend as many consecutive hours as in the previous live events. Use the available time during this pandemic to create and plan next year’s events on the basis of KISS: keep it short and simple; and aim at excellence.

Berne, October 22, 2020
NDS education to be staged in 2021

The postgraduate studies of Switzerland's hotel industry association has been postponed from November to June 2021. Please refer through Link to details of new courses.

Blog September 8, 2020/dts
Angels and Heroes

Having stayed at remote Six Senses-resorts, at grand Four Seasons, and at small family-hotels, I know what great service quality means. Indeed, millions of employees in the global hospitality industries perform «in excellence». Educated in first-class trainings, guided by champion supervisors, and self-motivated by career-ambitions – or simply a call to deliver outstanding hospitality work.

Hospitality and Hospitals – two terms much closer to each other, then I realised. A recent experience at the «red zone» of the Covid-19-section at Zurich’s Triemli hospital revealed, how hospital employees too, perform exceptionally: doctors, nursing staff, kitchen help, security, and the cleaners. Angels and Heroes. Absolutely equal, for example, to firefighters smashing into a fire source trying to safe a life. This health workforce delivers excellent performance by applying expertise, focus, physical and mental engagement, respect, and empathy. They all have received that call to deliver outstanding work.

Blog August 15, 2020/dts
It's about ... time

During the last months, work, friends, families, recreation and education seem to have melted together into one notion, more than any ‘90ies Life-Work-Balance initiative’ ever envisaged. It has become one wide flow – office, home-office, whatever – blending all elements into one cocktail: Time Management (respectfully, this reflection is about office staff, and not those working in the fields without alternatives).

What is truly amazing, we seem to be able to manage time better than ever before. And that is what the pandemic triggered: we arrange every call (zoom, team, skype) in advance and we reflect on who should join and why. We also plan every personal meeting cautiously. We come to the office only «when it makes sense» (workload, interactive meetings), and we travel only when truly necessary. Our daily agendas are no longer filled with tightly set consecutive actions, but with cautiously planned individual appointments. 1:1 only. Created with a certain slowness, and obviously a better awareness of … time.

Zurich, July 8, 2020
The Launch of the magazine «H»

Today, at the Hotel La Réserve Eden au Lac in Zurich, contributing writers, journalists and staff celebrated the launch of the new biannual magazine «H» of Swiss Deluxe Hotels. For an online version of the summer-edition 2020 click here: Daniel contributed on page 11 (Good Times lay ahead) and on page 41 with the fiction «Elvis visits Switzerland». On the left is Daniel's original ticket to the Elvis' concert 45 years ago at the Silver Dome in Pontiac, USA.

Blog June 23, 2020/dts
Can I please get a hug?

I cannot credit the source of the picture on the left (click to enlarge), but it does arouse my interest. As colourful it is and as creative it appears to be, I am not sure whether that is the future we want for our industry. Meeting people, friends and colleagues, is a key driver to attend events. Then, when seeing somebody, a quick eye-to-eye triggers an interest, adjusts our body language, and thus enables us to communicate - or not. Sympathy is an issue, common interests another. If we lose the ability to speak with each other, even on uncomfortable topics, we might as well stay home, and exercise virtual events.

Or, we apply respect, empathy, and our human ability to «feel» someone and to exchange appropriately. I do not want to carry a green band, which «allows» a counterpart to embrace me. Presently, hugging is not possible anyway. And after the pandemic, I will dare to ask, if it is close to my heart: can I please get a hug?

Baden/Switzerland; June 3, 2020
Web-Interview on the Crisis in the MICE-industry

The virus has brought the event industry to a temporary standstill - even though in Switzerland, as of June 6, corporate events are possible for up to 300 guests. On this base, Reto Leder, CEO of Trafo Event- & Convention Hall in Baden, discussed with me on various issues: How did the industry cope with past crises (for example 9/11) and what can be taken out as learning for now? What measures can help to ensure that organizers feel comfortable with their projects and guests safe to attend?

The talk (45 min.; in German) can be watched here

Blog May 30, 2020/dts
Pointing a Finger

Yes, I would be delighted to see the tourism- and meeting-industry back on its feet. But as the European Governments now strive for opening the borders in order to enable summer vacations, I wonder whether we simply want to rush back as quickly as possible to the «old normality». A world full of overrun destinations, with packed highways, cramped airplanes and a price-war that teases everyone to travel as often as possible. «Been there, done that».Or, will we be able to use this global pandemic to refocus on quality? To try travelling with a good reason, to treasure the experiences, to appreciate the choices we have, and to aim at quality over quantity? Corona might just be pointing a finger at us: «be careful, don’t let your world burnout, don’t always ask for more, and don’t become so greedy». The «new normal» will provide ample opportunities for adjusting our course. From a, say, material world, to a maybe a bit more sensible world, quality driven.

Blog May 5, 2020/dts
Think like a Startup

To navigate your own company through disruptive times requires a fearless and pragmatic solution-oriented attitude. As well as strength, believe, and a bit of luck too. It is not always easy to remain positive and to keep an overview on obstacles and priorities. The situation is actually equal to what young Startup face at the beginning of their venture. They have a great idea, mostly not enough money, but self-confidence and the believe that they will be successful.
And they work hard.

Those ingredients are the same to overcome the crisis. Think like a Startup, for example: if necessary, form a separate LLC to allow independent actions. Create a new business plan, and do not wait for funding. Reduce office-rent by working at home. See if students of a local university can help with your business plan. Lower payroll-costs by working with remote contract services and low-cost freelancers available online. Take advantage of social media and free websites for marketing. And call for a bit of luck.
And then work hard.

Blog April 15, 2020/dts
Cultural Intelligence now

More than ever, we need to respect and appreciate people from different background, colour of skin, and religion. And, during this global epidemic, we must consciously honour people’s countries of origin too. Enough of those statements about the Chinese who brought the Virus to the US, those Italians whose fault it is, or those Europeans who infected India. Whether, one day, medical analysts will identify 'patient zero' of this present virus is academically important – but socially ultimately irrelevant. There will be other diseases and catastrophes, and then someone else to blame.
Politicians and business leaders should be the first to know how the world functions today. After all, most of them embraced global mobility, a free world to trade-in and «opportunities for everyone». I’m not suggesting that it is their fault, but I propose to stop the blame games and focus on help and solutions. We are all in this challenge together, and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) has never been more important.

Johannesburg/Zurich, April 5, 2020
Webinar for MICE industry «You are not alone»

David Sand (past SITE president & CEO UwinIwin) hosted another edition of the Webinar «YOU ARE NOT ALONE». The seminar was talking about rhythm and energies during the crisis and featured some specific case studies for the MICE community. I was very pleased to be on the show. The recording (44 min.) is now available on YouTube:

Zurich, March 25, 2020
ESM management team

The expandes management-team of the Swiss Startup ESM AG, carrier of, has met for its strategic meeting 2020. From left to right: Romain Voide, Thomas Ellenberger, Patrick F. Rüegg and Daniel Tschudy (click picture to enlarge). More details on the corporate website

Zurich, March 11, 2020
Industry meetings & events postponed

Obviously, health has priority. Therefore, all planned industry meetings, trade shows and media events have been cancelled, respetivefully postponed, probably way into June. This includes IMEX Frankfurt, naturally. We all have to be patient and focussed, and I hope that all events will be staged either in autumn of this year, or in 2021. Let's be positive, let's prepare the future, and let's stay in contact. My Skype-address is: d.tschudy.

Ljubljana, January 23, 2020
Future Leaders Forum in Slovenia

Great event with "Future Industry Leaders" from Slovenia and other Balkan-countries, an education-event staged at the MICE-industry trade show CONVENTA in Ljubljana. The topic was "Career Building with Intuition". CONVENTA is an annual event by the Slovenia Convention Bureau, and led by Miha Kovacic.

Zurich, November 21, 2019
Joining startup «mice-market»

I am pleased to announce that I joined this Switzerland-based enterprise and their main partners Patrick Rüegg and Romain Voide in this promising and global project. is a booking platform providing real-time availabilities and allowing online bookings of meeting rooms, conference venues, and event locations. The tool offers an immediate access to what is available at a hotel or event location, and at which conditions. Easy to check, easy to reserve, and easy to settle. The company has been set-up last year and is now taking full speed.

Zurich, October 10, 2019
Summary of Keynote

Daniel Tschudy has been speaking on future trends in the meetings-industries at the MICE FUTURE DAYS in Zurich. The event was organised by Celebrationpoint, and attached is a quick summary of Daniel's thoughts (in German).

St. Gallen, September 1, 2019
Sind Incentives noch zeitgemäss?

Wie eben im Fachmagazin ORGANISATOR erschienen, eine Reflektion über ob und in welcher Form Incentives noch angebracht sind. Für das pdf. auf das Logo links klicken.

Zurich, June 30, 2019
Hospitaliy Innovation Day

The 4th edition of the Swiss Innovation Day will be held August 29, 2019 at the Maag Music Hall in Zurich. Among the top speakers will be, as one example, Gregg Rapp from Los Angeles USA, taking about "Engineering & Profit-Optimising in Food & Beverage". Daniel will attend the conference; for more details visit their website (click on logo).

Lucerne / Switzerland, May 3, 2019
Another successful World Tourism Forum

New and innovative business models constantly disrupt the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. They challenge established structures and organizations, forcing them to rethink and reorganize in order to follow this fast and technology driven change. That was the focus at the 6th edition of the WTFL in Lucerne; attended by over 550 delegates from 80 countries (Daniel Tschudy continious to serve as WTFL-Ambassador). See the highlights. The next WTFL will be held in April of 2021.

Zurich, Switzerland; February 28, 2019
«Handelszeitung» special production on MICE

The lastest special publication on the meetings- & events industries in Switzerland (planned, written and co-produced by Daniel Tschudy) is now available. Topics include i.e. an interview with Eugen Brunner, President of Expo Event Swiss Livecom Association or an introduction to EventCanvas, as presented by Gerrit Jessen. For a full pdf.-copy, please send an email to (the document is available in German only).

Sigriswil, Switzerland; November 5, 2018
Seminar on Cross-Culture & Diversity Management

Within the postgraduate studies of Switzerland's hotel industry association (hotelleriesuisse), Daniel Tschudy gave a full-day seminar about the cross-cultural topics and on 'how to do business with China'. This education-piece is part of the annual "NDS-HF" program and was delivered to students from the hotel- and gastronomie-industries. For more details (in german).

Lausanne, Switzerland; October 15, 2018
Swiss Hotel School celebrating 125 years anniversary

The famous Swiss Hotel School EHL celebrated its 125 years anniversary with 800 hundred leaders from politics and the hospitality industry, students, and alumni. In the picture, with Daniel, are on the left Michel Rochat,CEO, and André Witschi, EHL-president.

Interlaken, Switzerland; January 17, 2018
International Alpen-Symposium

The Alpen-Symposium at the Grand Hotel Victoria-Jungfrau in Intelraken has become a leading Swiss conference and think-tank platform for innovative enterpreneurs. Daniel attended, as every year; enjoying to meet other global citizens, innovative thinkers and creative business people. Next edition, again in Interlaken, on January 15-16, 2019:

Basel, Switzerland; November 21/22,2017
successful Swiss Hospitality Investment Forum

The Swiss Hospitality Investment Forum (SHIF) has become a great knowledge- and contact-platform for decision-makers on selling, investing and financing in Switzerland's hospitality-real estate industry; looking forward to 3rd edition in November 2019;

(click to enlarge)

Kathmandu, Nepal; October 29, 2017
Daniel giving keynote at GATE Graduation Ceremony

GATE (Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education) Kathmandu acclaimed the Graduation of 94 of its students for the Higher Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management; affiliated with and endorsed by the Swiss Hotel Association (SHA). Daniel Tschudy delivered his keynote about the “gift of education."

Cross-Cultural Business Tips; August 2017
Crossing the old Iron Curtain

I was given the opportunity to visit Ukraine, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Many meetings, talks and social events with politicians, teachers, entrepreneurs and common people have shown me, how much we think within tightly-structured patterns about other countries. And how little we actually know about their story. Information, if we only want to obtain it, which can be crucial for when doing business across borders and across cultures. Read more in the attached business tip.

summer 2017
attending Expo 2017 in Astana

travelnews, Switzerland's leading on-line tourism platform, featured two stories, in German, related to Tschudy's visit to Astana, Kazakhstan:
- Die Welt trifft sich
- Kasachen für die Schweiz

Tehran, Iran; February 9, 2017
Industry Meetings in Tehran

Switzerland's and Iran's tourism authorities met during the 10. Tehran Tourism Exhibition to discuss mutual interests and possible tools and activities to promote each other's destination. Iran is an 80-million-inhabitants market (as big as Germany) and already producing good visitors numbers to Switzerland. In return, some 4000 Swiss tourists have visited Iran last year. Key contacts were Federico Sommaruga (in charge of new markets at Switzerland Tourism) and Ali Nemati, Director General of Tourism Marketing & Promotion Iran (picture on left).

(click für pdf.)

Cross-Cultural Business Tips; 8. November 2016
Zum Erinnerung: "doing business in america"

Gerade nach diesem aggressiven US-Wahltheater lohnt es,  sich wieder einmal zu überlegen, wie man mit den Amerikanern am besten umgeht, redet, geschäftet – und damit letztlich auch Erfolg haben kann. Eines ist sicher, Amerika tut sich mit ‚smooth-talkers‘ schwer; der Rugby-Stil kommt da schon eher an.



Fachbuch über neue Führungsmodelle & Führen auf Distanz

Als Teil der Publikationsreihe LEADERSHIP erschien in dieser Woche das neue Fachbuch "Moderne Führungsmodelle" (im Spannungsfeld zwischen Nähe und Distanz) des Zürcher Fachverlags SPEKTRAmedia (ISBN: 978-3-906067-10-0). Co-Autoren sind Murièle Bolay und Daniel Tschudy; auf You Tube gibt es eine kleine Einführung zu diesem neuen Fachbuch. Es kann per Email bestellt werden; Verkaufspreis CHF 23.-.


Textbook "Doing Business in the BRICS" (in german)

Tschudy's textbook for globally-active companies is now available. It features intercultural values & behaviours in the business environments of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Topics include, for example, concepts of time and space, listening habits, communication styles, as well as recommended behaviours at meetings and during business dinners. The book costs CHF 36.00, and can be ordered directly from the author: ISBN 978-3-033-04046-5.