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Handelszeitung, Switzerland; August 2016
Complex situation in Zurich's congress industry
In view of Zurich's only real congress centre's closing for a renovation period of nearly 3 years, the situation in Switzerland's leading business hub is rather complex. Many event-locations, some of them hot and hip, are opening and voicing interest to host full-service international congresses. Only, they have nor basic space, breakout facilities or understanding of the congress business. Click here for the full story; as published in German.

Kongres Magazin, Slovenia; January 2016
Why cross-culture competence matters in global hospitality
Successful international event & conference management needs now-a-days more than just tolerance for race, language and religion. It now requires work and active search to find the tools for cultural intelligence; and thus the path to successful hospitality management.Click on logo left for pdf.; or on this link for online version.

Zurich, August 25, 2015
Live Communication 2.0 - Mega Trends in Hospitality
As published in Handelszeitung, in German, here is a summary of mega trends in Live Communication (meetings and events), based on research, studies and interviews with industry leaders. Click on logo Handelszeitung for pdf. offull story

Tokyo, Japan; June 12, 2015
Global Mega-Trends relevant for Japan’s MICE-industry
Mega trends such as Individualization, Connectivity or Neo-Ecology will soon become demanding topics for all players in the Japanese MICE-industry. Click on MJ-logo for full report.

Dallas/London; May 25, 2015
Lanyon, more than just a brand
About Lanyon, a major software-player, long-established somehow, but little known to the global meetings, events and travel industries. Here is a short introduction, after meeting with them at IMEX Frankfurt. Click on the logo for full story.

February 14, 2015
The Pitching Problem in Live Communication
Story published in Handelszeitung about the Pitching Problem in Switzerland's Live Communication industry. How agencies still accept working out proposals free of charge, giving away their ideas and creativity, rather than charging the corporate world for a proposal fee. The story is in German; click on logo for full story.

December 15, 2014
Tokyo's MICE community prepares for the Olympics 2020
For the second time after 1964, Japan’s capital and business hub will host the most prestigious international public event. After the triple-catastrophe two-and-a-half years earlier, no-one really expected that the Japanese would be ready to present 2013 a great bid, and be able to communicate strongly and positively about it. Yet, they did, and they balanced the hurting Fukushima-issue well. Not ignoring it, nor putting it too much to the front-line. Click on logo for full story in english.

And here is the same story as published, in German, in the events magazine, March-edition 2015.


November 2, 2014
About Switzerland's 4*-MICE-focused hotel groups
Report produced for the trade magazine Marketing+Kommunikation, about status quo and outlook of Switzerland's 4* hotelgroups; if working in the meetings & events sector.Click on the logo to the left for the full story; as appeared (in German).

September 1, 2014
Safety & Security at Event Management
This is a story which appeared in Zurich's Handelszeitung about the importance of safety and security in event management and why it should be in the responsibilities of top management (and not simply delegates to project leaders). Click on the logo for the full story (which is in German).

 April 17, 2014
 Japan, not technology-leader in hospitality industry
 Home to Sony, Nikon and many more, Japan is more than the pioneer in IT
 and e-tools. And yet, many of even the very best hotels in Tokyo and Osaka,
 lack a modern e- and IT-environment. Attached is the full story, as published
 in Japan's leading trade magazine MICE Japan. 

February 12, 2014
Zurich's deluxe hotels aiming at MICE
Here is a look at recent developments of the leading hotels in Switzerland business capital. Renaissance and Hyatt are pushing hard, mainly around the new hubs, Zurich-West (the hip area for entertainment and nightlife) and Zurich-Nord (the global traveller?s hub near the airport). Radisson Blu Zurich-airport is still the country?s busiest meeting venue; and the Dolder Grand again on the top of the list. Here is the report, published in German, in the trade magazine Marketing+Kommunikation.  

January 25, 2014
Swiss delegation at ICCA congress in Shanghai
Report about Switzerland's leading ICCA-members and their motivation and
approach to attending the ICCA world congress in China. click on pdf. for the
full story, in German, as appeared in Switzerland's leading weekly economic
newspaper 'Handelszeitung'.

December 2, 2013
Status Quo of Chinas tourism industry ...
This report apperead, in German, in the events magazine and features an overview of Chinas evergrowing tourism industries; both outbound and inbound. An impressive performance on the way to become the world's leading tourism player. Click here for the story.

December 2, 2013
... and Dubai is pushing too
Equally impressive to China's develpment, read about what's going on in Dubai. After a few difficult years (not all solved yet), the VAE-MICE and tourism-industry is confident again and lots of projects ahead! This story was published in German as well; in the events magazine. Read here the full story.

February 12, 2013
Which Swiss destination can truly host a 1000-pax congress?
This story appeared in M+K, Switzerland's monthly marketing and communication
magazine and identified the somewhat limited availabilities of locations for international 'full-service' congresses in Switzerland for 1'000 guests. 
Click on the pdf.-logo for the published story in German; click here for executive version in English.

July 16, 2012  Jordan?s path to a successful tourism future 
Jordan introduced an ambitious plan of building and securing its tourism future. As introduced by Tourism Minister Nayef al Fayez during a recent international Conference at a Dead Sea resort (story in German; as published in the events magazine).

Dubai, UAE; June 2, 2012
Dubai's ongoing success story
In otherwise difficult times, Dubai impresses with substantial growth, as their 2011 figures show an increase of 10% to 9.3 million visitors; and guests? nights soared by 23% to over 32.8 million. Read about the recent announcements of Dubai Tourism. 

Shanghai, China, April 23, 2012
Shanghai aiming for 2015
Until recently, Beijing had the MICE-lead in China with the 2008 Games behind and all major industry associations endorsing it. But now, Shanghai has received a wake-up call and wants to become a global tourism and meeting metropolis as well. Read the full story here.

 Zurich, Switzerland, March 14, 2012
 Korea on the rise
 Although not as often in the media as for example China, Korea is on the rise
 as well and the upcoming Expo 2012 in Yeosu will be another show-case for
 the successful country. Here is the full story (as presently on the homepage)

 February 2012 
 Publications for 'Marketing+Kommunikation' (Switzerland)
 Two stories appeard in the last edition of M+K; both in German.
 Click on below to see the pdf.-version of both stories:
 'Strategic Importance of MICE'
 'Hotelgroups active in Switzerland's MICE-market'

 Zurich, Switzerland, February 12, 2012
 Babylonisch in den Himmel
 This is a reflection about skyscrapers, their origins, and how they influence
 more and more both urban city planning and the hospitality industry (story
 written in German and published in the events magazine).

 Barcelona, Spain, December 1, 2011 
 Fighting for the US market  ("Kampf um Amerika")
 Reed's AIBTM (in Baltimore, MA) and Ray Bloom's IMEX America (in Las Vegas)
 were both launched this year as global meetings & incentive exhibitions in
 the US. They thus started a fierce competition between themselves and
 against the long-time leader 'The Motivation Show' in Chicago. How did they
 do? Who won the battle in year 1? Read the full story (in German) as it
 appeared in the the events-magazine.

 Zurich, November 5, 2011
 Beijing chasing the World's Top 3
 Beijing is not yet in the Top Ten list of global tourist destinations, but their
 2010 result with 4.9 million arrivals is astonishing in view of the short tourism
 history in China. And Beijing is aiming even higher: by 2016, the city wants to
 reach the Top 3. Click the pdf. for the full story.

 Zurich, October 6, 2011 
 About fair and suistanable tourism in Luxury Travel South Africa 
 Read a story as published in Handelszeitung (in German) about Fair Trade
 Tourism South Africa, FTTSA, and its efforts performed by some of its 
 certified member (click on pdf.-logo).

 Zurich, Switzerland; August 20, 2011
 Where Eagles Dare or Agenten sterben einsam  
 The (event-) agent business has become a daring and lonely job, just like the
 spies during the Wars. Competition is tough and clients require (too) many
 agents to join in the bidding, for too little business, and nothing at all for those
 who lose in the competition. Read the article, as published (in German) in
 Switzerland's Handelszeitung.

 Zurich, Switzerland; June 21, 2011
 The M.I.C.E. temperatures in the BRICS states
 An analyze about how Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are doing
 in the conference, congress and incentive industries (this story is an  excerpt
 from an article originally published in the events magazine (edition 3/2011). 
 Click on the pdf.-button on the left to see the English re-cap; or click here to
 obtain the original version in German language of the events magazine. 

 Zurich, March 17, 2011
 Handelszeitung-Special on Luxury Travel
 See two stories about luxury travel; one to Barcelona and the other to
 Singapore, as presented (in German) in Switzerland's Handelszeitung.

 Sandton, South Africa, February 2011
 South Africa in Year 1 after the World Cup
 Meetings Africa was the meeting point for the African MICE-industry and a
 valuable check-point of the status quo of South Africa after the World Cup
 experience; as published (in German) in the events magazine.

 January 2011; from the Alpensymposium in Interlaken, Switzerland
 Frauen an die Macht (Power to the Women)
 Story about 'womenomics', one of the key future trends, as presented by
 Matthias Horx, futurist and speaker at the 9. Alpensymposium in Interlaken.
 Story in German language; as published in the events magazine.

 Singapore, January 28, 2011
 Singapore - Quo Vadis?
 It is with substantial growth objectives and lots of energies from all parties
 involved, that Singapore wants to create itself a golden future. It reminds a bit
 bit of China, which in fact soon will become Singapore?s largest tourism market
 and eventually also the largest MICE market. Please see full report as
 published in MEETINGS:review