"Thank you for your excellent presentation. I wish we could have had more time to hear you.I have shared your speech with our team in the UK and would hopefully get back to you."
Michael Gray, Area Director, Hyatt Regency Hotels; London, UK

► "Daniel's plenty of speaking engagements, business operation experience in the meeting industry around the world enables him to always bring up fresh ideas in his presentations or articles. I enjoy working with him because I do learn new knowledge from him?

Mollen Wang, Senior Researcher, MCI Institutional Division; Shanghai, China

"Dear Daniel, thanks for your fantastic presentation. I enjoyed it thoroughly, as you showed not only knowledge, but also emotions and that's what work with people, for people, essentially demands!"
Leo Novobilsky, General Manager; Hotel Marienbad, Czech Republic

"Daniels style is completely engaging, he immediately demands attention, not by his words, but by his delivery style. His relaxed, confident and totally engaging style demands your full attention, because this man has something to say, and you know you'll learn from it. I witnessed that total engagement on all of the delegates faces in that room, a trick not many speakers are gifted with. It wasn't a script, it wasn't a presentation, it was a talk from the heart, delivering information in a manner that you could not fail to understand. And best of all, at the end you realise just how much you've enjoyed the session and just how much you've taken onboard."
Kevin Murphy, CEO, ExCeL International Exhibition & Conference Centre; London, UK

► "Daniel Tschudy is an excellent public speaker and a very fine writer. His network ranges over all continents and he is a true world citizen, understanding the different cultures and needs of people around the globe."
Urs Eberhard, Vice President, Switzerland Tourism; Zurich, Switzerland