speaking topics

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Keynotes, presentations to corporate management groups and educational lectures are usually tailor-made, prepared together with the client and in reference to his objectives and the needs of the targeted audience. Here is a selection of key topics:

Crossing the Cultural Divide for successful business around the globe
In our fast-spinning world, cultural intelligence (CQ) has become a key tool to understand foreign clients, stakeholders, suppliers & employees. Until recently, globalisation was about the differences between developed and emerging countries; with language, race and religion as dominating comparisons. Today, it is about each culture's values of status, time, space, communication & leadership. Knowledge which must be considered in every M&A and become part of each Due Diligence. Itís about doing global business the successful way.

Long-Distance Leadership
Despite virtual communication tools and quick long-haul flights, leading and motivating managers, teams and entire branch offices from a distance is a demanding, time-consuming and often frustrating task. How can one make sure that the Ďother sideí understands both verbal talks and written instructions? How can one win trust? Understand when to place criticism or appraisal. Itís more complex than about time-zones and different cultural behaviours; itís about virtual leadership in a dynamic and multi-cultural world.

Doing Business in China
A substantial number of foreign companies, who invested during the last decade in China, are not there anymore. For some, the product was not right, for others the market not potential enough, or then they underestimated local competition. It simply did not work out, the feeling was not right, the investment budget depleted, and the expatriate exhausted. Is it so difficult to deal with the Middle Kingdom? It probably isn't, but there are five key elements to respect before entering that market: Relationship first, Communication, Persistence, Patience, and Flexibility.

Global Leadership (Management) in Ten Years
Around the globe, we see a strong resurrection of national/regional sensitivities. Influences of all sorts (political, economic, religious, etc.) become true challenges to global management. What competences will leaders and mangers of global enterprises need to master in the coming years? What will multi-complex markets require? What will impatient clients call for? This presentation looks at cross-cultural intelligence of course, but also at virtual communication abilities, travel- and meeting time management, politically-correct behaviours, excellent life-balance, yet flexibility and speed, empathy and connectivity with Genís Y and Z; and much more.

How to deal with the BRICS-nations
A keynote topic based on Daniel Tschudyís textbook (in German, 2013), which featured the key intercultural values & behaviours in the business environments of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Topics include, for example, status, gender issues, concepts of time and space, listening habits, communication styles, as well as how to successfully approach meetings, negotiations, and contracting in each BRICS-member nation.


other issues, for example about:

Asia (Quo Vadis, Japan?; mentalities and communication in Asia; China and Japan - soon blood brothers in arms?), Arabia (Dubai & Doha in 2020; a view about impacts and illusions); South Africa (the social impact of the World Cup 2010 to South Africa); Hospitality (strategic importance of meetings & incentives for corporations; safety & security in tourism and hospitality; quality requirements in event management; Chinaís tourism industry; domestic, inbound and outbound); etc.

For a summary in German, please refer to this pdf.