workshops about cross culture competence

All educational events are tailor-made and focussed on the educational objectives of each client and the needs of their targeted attendees. Here are four standard programs:

Cross-cultural competence in the global business environment
(Half- or full-day seminars)
In our vibrant & fast-spinning world of some 200 nations, cultural intelligence (CQ) has become a key tool to understand foreign business partners, suppliers, and employees; and to deal with them all in an efficient, positive and friendly way. And, by doing so, avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings and unintentional insults. During the last century, global understanding was about the differences between developed and emerging countries; with language, race and religion as dominating comparisons. Today, it is about each culture's understanding of life, time, space, self-awareness, leadership, and communication. And about doing global business the successful way.

Introducing China
A half-day seminar about The Middle Kingdom, based on topics such as dimensions, cultural differences and the values of time and space. 5 very specific issues will be featured, enabling foreign enterprises to launch their China-project in a successful way: Patience, Relationship, Communication, Persistence, and Flexibility. They must be considered in every market analyse, Due Diligence report or agreement on an upcoming Merger & Acquisition in China. Of crucial importance to both investor and involved expatriates.
  In cooperation with sim, this seminar can be followed by comprehensive
  consulting about specific business proceedures in China.

CultureActive - on-line cultural assessment and in-class training
Based on the The Lewis Model ©, CultureActive was developed as a practical, visual and effective solution to help businesses and other international organisations understand the causes and consequences of different cultural dynamics across the world and how these impact on business efficiency and profitability. As licensed trainer and partner of Richard Lewis Communications Ltd, I offer half- and full-day seminars about CultureActive.

Mind-Setting to existing and future C-level managers
This mind-setting seminar (half- or full-day) is a key tool to forward both relevance and values of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) to global managers; valuable for both existing top shoots as well as for uprising talents. The lecture can be adjusted to the specific requirements of every class/company (level of education, expatriate experience, market knowledge). Attendees will receive an overall understanding of CQ, an introduction to the Lewis Model (for possible utilization at lower staff level), expanded self-awareness about own cultural roots, understanding (and respect) about multi-cultural employees force, quicker acceptance of international business partners' (strange) values and behaviours.