embracing the world

Within the fast spinning global business dimension, intercultural behaviours and international communication have become complex topics. During the last century, global understanding was about the differences between developed and emerging countries; with language, race and religion as dominating comparisons. Today, it is a wild matrix of values, interests and objectives among 200 nations and even more major ethnicities. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) has become a major skill for doing global business in a successful way.


"Around the globe, we see a resurrection of national and
regional sensitivities. Cross-cultural competence can play
a vital role in slowing that process and in reuniting the
people and their cultural needs. The global business fields
are best play-grounds to apply the soft-skill CQ"

                                                 Daniel Tschudy

During my career in the international hospitality-industries, I have travelled around the globe, lived and worked in 8 metropolises and thus became a global citizen. And so I collated expertise about people and nations, about organisations and enterprises, and about how they all conduct their business cross-borders and cross-cultures. In my work, I cover all industries (beyond hospitality) and every single nation or ethnic group. Particular focus is given on the emerging markets in Africa, Arabia & Asia. Furthermore, China & Japan, two countries with which I am strongly bonded, are specifically on the radar. 

Winning on the Cross Cultural Battlefields is an exciting, entertaining topic that is rich in academic research and full of practical take-home advice. My expertise is available through keynote speeches, presentations to corporate management groups, intercultural workshops, consulting mandates and expatriate coaching.



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