It's about ... time

During the last months, work, friends, families, recreation and education seem to have melted together into one notion, more than any ‘90ies Life-Work-Balance initiative’ ever envisaged. It has become one wide flow – office, home-office, whatever – blending all elements into one cocktail: Time Management (respectfully, this reflection is about office staff, and not those working in the fields without alternatives).

What is truly amazing, we seem to be able to manage time better than ever before. And that is what the pandemic triggered: we arrange every call (zoom, team, skype) in advance and we reflect on who should join and why. We also plan every personal meeting cautiously. We come to the office only «when it makes sense» (workload, interactive meetings), and we travel only when truly necessary. Our daily agendas are no longer filled with tightly set consecutive actions, but with cautiously planned individual appointments. 1:1 only. Created with a certain slowness, and obviously a better awareness of … time.