Thoughts about the hospitality industry
Can I please get a hug?

I cannot credit the source of the picture below, but it does arouse my interest. As colourful it is and as creative it appears to be, I am not sure whether that is the future we want for our industry. Meeting people, friends and colleagues, is a key driver to attend events. Then, when seeing somebody, a quick eye-to-eye triggers an interest, adjusts our body language, and thus enables us to communicate - or not. Sympathy is an issue, common interests another. If we lose the ability to speak with each other, even on uncomfortable topics, we might as well stay home, and exercise virtual events.
Or, we apply respect, empathy, and our human ability to «feel» someone and to exchange appropriately. I do not want to carry a green band, which «allows» a counterpart to embrace me. Presently, hugging is not possible anyway. And after the pandemic, I will dare to ask, if it is close to my heart: can I please get a hug?

Be safe,
best regards,