about hospitality

Having been involved in the global hospitality- & tourism-sectors for several decades, I now forward my experience, my expertise and my network to create and endorse business-opportunities in those and related industries. My work touches educational issues, international marketing-concepts, media work, and trade-activities.

across cultures & across borders

Of particular interest is the real estate-sector, within which I work with Switzerland’s Luxury Capital Partners, a dedicated team of professionals serving both individuals and corporations with investment-opportunities.

During my career, I have travelled the globe, lived and worked in 8 metropolises and thus became a global citizen. And so I collated expertise about people and nations, about organisations and enterprises, and about how they all conduct their business cross-borders and cross-cultures. Now I speak, teach and write about cultural intelligence in the global business environment, about international marketing and communication, and about all aspects of the international hospitality and tourism industries.