Thoughts about the hospitality industry


Yes, I would be delighted to see the tourism- and meeting-industry back on its feet. But as the European Governments now strive for opening the borders in order to enable summer vacations, I wonder whether we simply want to rush back as quickly as possible to the «old normality». A world full of overrun destinations, with packed highways, cramped airplanes and a price-war that teases everyone to travel as often as possible. «Been there, done that».

Or, will we be able to use this global pandemic to refocus on quality? To try travelling with a good reason, to treasure the experiences, to appreciate the choices we have, and to aim at quality over quantity? Corona might just be pointing a finger at us: «be careful, don’t let your world burnout, don’t always ask for more, and don’t become so greedy». The «new normal» will provide ample opportunities for adjusting our course. From a, say, material world, to a maybe a bit more sensible world, quality driven.

Be safe.