And yet, look ahead with confidence.

about hospitality  Today’s priorities are clear: health, jobs, and mindset. But then, immediately afterwards, comes a mandatory preparation for the future.

During a recent press conference, Thomas Klühr, CEO of Swiss International Air Lines, made it clear, that the huge task now, to downshift the airline, is equally challenging to the job of rebooting the enterprise after the crisis. Klühr installed a «future team», whose assignment it is, as of now, to plan for the time after Corona. The aircrafts must be ready for operation, the pilot licenses up to date, some 10000 staff on site, the (adjusted) markets and routes identified, the communication aligned and the booking procedures working. A Herculean task.

The same situation applies for all other members of the tourism- and hospitality-industries. Now it is about health and employees. And how the company can best survive this crisis. Sacrifices will be asked and there will be disappointments, and many losers. As difficult as this is, nevertheless, leaders must also look ahead: how will these disruptive times change the business, the products, and the customers? What can today be seeded for a new world, for a new marketplace? Which new services might be asked – and how can any enterprise prepare?
I try to contribute with my experience, collected for example after 9/11, to help hospitality companies to battle the challenge, and to prepare for the time after. For a successful time.

Be safe! And be active!